On my desk

My work as a translator means I get to read texts about practically all and any areas of…well, everything. I learn something new everyday, and it often feels a lot like doing crosswords, only on a much larger scale. It is great fun, sometimes challenging, and incessantly fascinating. Here are a few examples of what I have worked with in my career:

  • Medical: My main area of expertise, where I do most of my work these days. I have worked with patient information and other material in clinical studies, packaging leaflets/summaries of product characteristics for medicines, as well as manuals and marketing material for medical devices, mainly sleep therapy devices.
  • Economy: I have translated a number of quarterly and annual reports for Swedish companies, mainly in the industrial and telecom sectors.
  • Internal company information/material: Presentations and education material and different kinds of internal communications for Swedish and international companies.
  • Travels/tourism: I have worked with quite a lot of tourism material during my career. My latest project was the Swedish part of the VisitFinland.com web site.
  • IT: My first area of expertise – I started out in 1998 translating software and UA for Microsoft Office, and I still occasionally receive software, UA, web and marketing material jobs for IT companies, mainly Microsoft.
  • EU texts: I have mainly translated material about the REACH regulation, and education (Erasmus, etc).